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Hello dear,
There are so many time that I have tried and failed continuously to lose weight. But it was not possible for me to do it without a guide. You were the perfect guide to me who kept me motivated and helped me to think straight forward and not break my diet. I am so obliged to you.❤️ I can't even express more in words but in this journey I have lost 23 kgs in 7 months .💥⚡
I had no idea that just losing my weight would make me look so good. I feel lucky that I chose to come to you and took your suggestions about dieting. I am so interested to you for giving me the best advice that helped me to lose my weight so soon and in a healthy way.
Thank you ! ❤️

A Happy Client

Hi Good Morning Tripti,

Thank you so much for your guidance and best diets which helps me a a lot to become in a shape again! I have lost 8kgs almost (earlier I was 72.1kg and now I am 63.8kg) with great inch lose also . Being a foody , it was very much difficult for me to lose weight but u have done wonders! U make it very much easy for me to follow specific diets, as I am very much fond of junk food n all. But your diets are according to my tastes.

Thank you so much once again🥰😍😇

A Happy Client

Happy client

A Happy Client

Very helpful diet ma'am 🥰🙏I'm really grateful 💕I even have thyroid problem still you were able to help 😌💞

A Happy Client

From 120kg to 100kg and still continuing, was made possible only because of gulmohar clinic within just a span of 4 months.

Though i reduced good amount of weight, but never felt dull as Tripti kept all the nutritional supplements in mind while preparing my diet chart. Also, Tripti's diet made it easy to follow coz she made it a mix of delicious food keeping health in mind.

I never felt this much energetic and positive and reducing this much weight made me motivated to reduce more and to attain my target weight. Thank you gulmohar clinic ( Tripti) for helping me with my weight loss journey. ☺️☺️

Shrey Gupta

West Virginia- USA

My journey with Gulmohar Diet Clinic has an amazing one and still going on. I have lost 10kgs in 3 month. Behind my transformation there is a balanced & easy to follow diet. Thank you Ms. Tripti Bhardwaj for your guidance and amazing diet with delicious food. Being a foody it was impossible for me to loose the weight but you made this possible. I will definitely achieve my target soon in Tripti's guidence❤️

A Happy Client

"I enjoyed my session with my dietician a lot and appreciate the knowledge she has and the help she have me to look at things in a more healthy way. She also made me realize that meals don't need to be complicated and difficult, it really can be fast and easy. Thanks so much for her help."

A Happy Client

Thankyou for your time and support
You are very professional and helped me in my diet journey by giving very healthy and easy to make recipes
Thank you for helping me!
God bless 🙂

A Happy Client

Since last 3-4 years i had tried numerous diets be it keto , no carb , all the fad diets available on Instagram etc , which did help me shed weight but the effects werent long lasting and also i would feel very lethargic . And in addition to that , i would again gain weight quickly because of my pcod .
But then cam you, to my rescue haha.
The diet plan you provided me not only helped me lose weight steadily but also helped me get through the day with energy lasting till the end of the day .
Though i did had to stop following the diet thrice because of some issues , but yet again the results are totally satisfactory and i am so happy that i came across you.
Thank you so much for helping me with this journey and i would totally recommend anyone struggling with weight loss or inculcating healthy diet .
thank you so much maam 😇

A Happy Client


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