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A team of two best specialist, who are working on a mission of providing best and quality services as nutritionist and Ayurvedic consultant. Already have changed many lives through online consultation based on years of experience in the their respective fields.
Ms. Tripti Bhardwaj, who is a qualified nutritionist with 12 plus years of experience into weight loss & therapeutic nutrition.Dr. Smita Chauhan is an Ayurvedic consultant and yoga trainer with experience of 6 years in her fields.
They both believe in natural therapies and holistic approach of diet, ayurveda and yoga.

Welcome to Gulmohar Diet Clinic

A Virtual Diet & Wellness Clinic

Programs Available

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Weight Management

- Weight management loss / gain

- Weight management with diabetes

- Weight management with blood pressure

- Weight management with thyroid

- Weight management with liver disease

- Weight management with arthritis

- Weight management with pcod/pcos
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Diet Plans

- Digestive Issues

- Child nutrition

- Pregnancy plans

- Gestational diabetes plans

- Women health plans

- Immunity booster plan

- Detox plan

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